From time-to-time USPS may experience delays due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.  Sometimes labels are damaged in transit and not scannable.

We do not have control over the United States Postal Service.  Once USPS takes possession of the package we cannot control its speed, delivery time, or prevent delays caused by the weather or USPS staffing issues due to COVID-19. 

If tracking has not updated in over 5 days, please create a support ticket and we will open a service case with USPS.   It is a frustrating situation for all of us.  However in our experience, packages that are delayed by USPS are delivered.  In the event USPS investigation determines the package is lost, we can send a replacement or issue a refund for the order.

For immediate feedback, you can submit a USPS Service Request form at:

Shipping Address:

Millennium Health

905 Westminster Ave.  Unit F 

Alhambra, CA 91803