Unfortunately sometimes this happens, but most of the time the package was simply placed in an unexpected area at the delivery address. We first recommend checking any other locations the package might be (the front door, back door, mailbox or even a neighbor's house).  Mail carriers can also make mistakes, please try to ask them about your package or leave a note.

If the package is still nowhere to be found, it’s possible that it was erroneously marked as delivered by USPS. If it’s simply a USPS error, the package will usually be delivered the next business day.

If your package has not appeared after 2 days of the delivery scan, please Contact Us with confirmation of your shipping address and we will then open a request with USPS/UPS to investigate.

For immediate feedback, you can submit a USPS Service Request form at:


Shipping Address:

Millennium Health

905 Westminster Ave  Unit F 

Alhambra, CA 91803